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The Snitsa series offers many options for the individually optimized work surface. Ingenious and practical solutions combined with good ergonomics.

Sansa is furniture where all of SA Möbler’s basic quality values are built-in. Nevertheless, we have managed to maintain a very attractive price level.

Samba is an electric table maxed out with technology. High quality, flexibility and value for money are keywords for Samba.

Actiwall consists of a well-composed series of wall materials. The key word is screening, but Actiwall is also used as seating, room in the room and reception.

In well-known honest materials, the A-Series represents both our solid furniture heritage and today’s modern solutions.

Discreet as a whisper but still incredibly present. With its simple design language, the series creates harmony and calm.

Core storage allows the user to create their own storage systems that can be varied and rebuilt over and over again.

The Snitsa XL series is the collection that incorporates the feeling of classic elegance.

Combo consists of poufs, plant containers and garbage cans. The products are manufactured in several models and designs that provide flexibility when work needs change.

T, X and Y tables are easy-to-place single tables with practical design.

Joy is an affordable armchair that i.a. suitable for lunch rooms, conference rooms and as a visitor chair.

Chairly is an affordable ergonomic work chair with many adjustment options. The chair fits perfectly both in the office and at the home workplace.

Our work chairs are both comfortable and beautiful to look at. The chairs offer a number of adjustment options to fit your body.

Saga sofa system is designed to fit in smaller spaces but also perfect to build in different lengths.

Sam has extra high seating comfort and can be combined with most tables and work chairs.