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ROM Eiendom built the property and the tenant moved in with about 900 members of their staff. The key words when selecting furniture was quality, accuracy and price. The choice was Snitsa in a light grey laminate. All tables has electrically height adjustable workstations and cabinets with sliding doors. The workstations are separated by front screens, some upholstered, and other in plexi glass.

ROM Eidnom AS own develops and manages properties all over vast areas of Norway, usually on key locations within larger cities, near the railroad. ROM Eiendom manages all tasks from project development to construction and management. Their portfolio contains everything from offices to other public facilities such as schools, industry, stations and other operational organizations.

Customer: ROM Eiendom AS
Address: Schweigaards gate 17-19, Oslo
Type of business: Property owner
Architect: Narud Stokke Wiig
Project Manager: Confidon
Furniture serie: Snitsa
Workstations:900 pcs.
Photographer: Terje S. Johansen