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This environmental policy applies to all of SA Möbler AB


SA Möbler AB must comply with current environmental legislation, rules, requirements and standards and work for continuous improvements in its environmental work. We want SA Möbler AB to be perceived as active and credible in its environmental work both:

internally for a continued investment in environmental and health adaptation of the business.
externally for a reduced environmental impact (during production) of our services / products.


SA Möbler AB will continue to prevent and reduce the environmental impact of its operations through systematic environmental work with a striving for continuous improvement.

Means – a systematic work

A systematic environmental work in SA Möbler AB means that:

Current environmental legislation, other current rules and requirements constitute the minimum level in SA Möbler AB’s environmental work.

The CEO or / and another appointed responsible person formulates annual concrete goals for SA Möbler AB’s environmental work.

Continuous improvements must guide us in a gradually expanded environmental work.

The CEO or / and another appointed responsible party is responsible for ensuring that this environmental policy and the relevant goals are complied with and gradually revised.

Employees must be given continuous training and information about current legislation and other rules, as well as knowledge about concrete activities and environmental improvement initiatives for the performance of the work.

The CEO or / and another appointed responsible person performs annual evaluations and audits of SA Möbler AB’s environmental work based on expanded and newly formulated goals.

Starting points and principles

That we strive to improve profitability and streamline operations based on environmental considerations.

That we follow the so-called the exchange principle, which means continuously replacing older, less well-functioning technology with newer and more environmentally friendly technology and equipment.

That the environmental work follows the so-called the precautionary principle, which means avoiding risky production or operations, and instead finding safer working methods and methods.

That all employees with external contacts, partners, suppliers and customers, undertake to cooperate with them in order to also increase their environmental awareness and support them in reducing their environmental impact when using our services / products.

Commitments and Contributions

SA Möbler AB’s environmental considerations entail the following basic commitments and concrete efforts:

That we as far as possible avoid disposable items and choose environmentally approved office materials and other consumables.

That we strive for as low energy consumption as possible, for example by switching off lights and not leaving computers in standby mode when the working day is over.

That employees use communications with little environmental impact, minimize physical meetings to when it is only necessary, e-mail and video conferencing instead of their own car, regular mail and travel to and from meetings.

That we place reasonable and relevant environmental requirements on our suppliers and take environmental considerations into account when making major investments, for example when purchasing new work or office equipment.

That we leave things in the business that can be recycled to recycling and environmental stations, such as paper and cardboard, batteries, scrap metal, disposable glass, etc.

That we take into account recycling of materials and environmentally safe waste management and that this is prioritized over, for example, availability and price.

That we only print necessary documents and where possible we use double-sided printing.