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SA Möbler´s partner RUMRUM got the proud confidence to decorate the office where the administrative part of Malmö FF is working. The fully renovated office breathes both sport and football at a high level. Given colors like sky blue, white and grass green, characterizes the office in the smallest detail. At the office, there is also a “grass” running course that enhances the sporty expression and feeling of being in the home arena. It is clearly an office for champions!

Malmö Football Association, often shortened Malmö FF or MFF, is a Swedish football club that debuted in the Allsvenskan (The Football All-Swedish) season 1931/1932. Since the club was founded in 1910, it has been 22 years in series Allsvenskan and has also become Swedish champions 19 times and won the Swedish Cup 14 times. The last time the club won Allsvenskan was in 2016.

Customer: Malmö FF
Address: Eric Perssons väg 31, Malmö
Area:7 80 m²
Time: 2016
Type of business: Football club
Project Manager: RUMRUM
Furniture serie: Snitsa and artur
Workstations: 45 pcs.
Photographer: Alexander Olivera