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Our business is based on our customers ‘and stakeholders’ experience of us. Their needs, requirements and expectations are what should guide our work. The quality we give customers is a measure of our performance and it should permeate our entire business.

We must be better than our competitors. This, in turn, requires us to listen to our customers and, based on their views, plan for continuous and lasting improvements in our business. Therefore, all our processes, our treatment and working methods must be characterized by the highest quality.

We must understand and meet customers’ needs.

Our products and services must be delivered on time.

We must exceed customer expectations.

We must be the obvious and competitive supplier.

Through active change work, review, improve and streamline all our processes from the customer’s point of view and wishes.

The management must continuously support, coordinate and follow up our quality work.

We allocate the necessary resources to ensure our quality objectives.

We encourage all our employees to be creative in the improvement work and in the customers’ experience of our work.

We work actively to create good relationships and provide the best service.

Management must ensure that employees are competent, committed and given the opportunity to develop and achieve goals.

We follow the requirements that TMF Trä & Möbelföretagen places on us.

We also comply with other laws, agreements and regulations.

The workplace must be environmentally friendly.

The workplace must be safe and good from a work environment perspective.