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The collaboration with ICA began with the move of their new headquarters to Solna Business Park. Workstations supplied were desks with front screens and storage capacity. Everything was executed by an architect to express the identity of their organization. Down the road, we have had the great pleasure to continuously supply work areas to many of the ICA-offices throughout in Sweden and abroad.

ICA-corporation is one of the leading grocery store chains in the Nordic region, they have about 2300 own and locally owned stores in five countries. Within the corporation there are organizations such as ICA Sverige, Ica Norge and Rimi Baltic along with ICA Banken, the last one mentioned offers financial solutions to the Swedish customers. ICA AB is owned by the stock market listed company ICA Gruppen AB.

Customer: ICA Gruppen
Address: Svetsarvägen 16, Solna
Area: 14400 m²
Time: 2005 and forward
Type of business: Chain of grocery stores and Financial solutions
Architect: TEA, Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter
Furniture serie: Snitsa
Workstations: 1000 pcs.
Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman