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When ICA Oxen moved into new facilities, they chosed a modern interior in a fresh light, white stained oak. It was crucial with effective workstations within their office with easily accessible storage units. Because of the limited space available it was solved with Kombi-tables and extractable cabinets. All tables are electrically height adjustable to ease ergonomic variations. The visiting solution was based up a small table from A-series with pallets. Next to an aula with a kitchenette a larger conference table from A-series was supplied.

ICA Kvantum Oxen, your local grocery store in Mariestad, has everything you need from your everyday to the highest of occasions, local produce, fruits, vegetables, dairy and deli meat. Oxen also offers catering of beautiful and affordable deli meats and delicatessen plates.

Customer: ICA Kvantum Oxen
Address: Viktoriagatan 20, Mariestad
Area: +200 m²
Time: 2015
Type of business: Food marketing
Project Manager: Thomas Gunnarsson & SA Direkt
Furniture series: Snitsa, Snitsa XL and A-serien
Photographer: Marcus Andersson, Kamron Foto