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The following key words were used when Futur Pension moved into new premises:
– A cozy future
– Openness and light
– A personal tone
– Energy and vitality
– Qualitative and lasting

Futur Pension is a Swedish insurance company that offers private individuals and companies comprehensive solutions within occupational pensions, endowment insurance, private pensions and life insurance. Futur Pension has around 180,000 private customers and some 15,000 corporate customers in Sweden.

Customer: Futur Pension Försäkringsaktiebolag (publ)
Address: Linnégatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
Area: 2000 m²
Time: 2020
Type of business: Insurance company
Architect: Whyte Lilja
Project Manager: Wallensteen & Co
Furniture series: Snitsa and Snitsa XL
Workstations: 90 pcs.
Photographer: Lasse Olsson Photo