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Findus says hi to Malmö. The roots in the Skåne mill and the continuous work on greener food on the plate have laid the foundation for the interior design of one of Sweden’s largest brands. Red barn houses, earthy tints, rapeseed and pea fields have been combined with the familiar Findus red color going through the entire office. The construction of Findus new headquarters in Malmö has been an exciting trip and SA Möbler’s partner RUMRUM is proud and pleased with the result.

Findus is a Swedish food company owned by Nomad foods, headquartered in Malmö. Most of the sales consist of vegetables, especially peas, deep-frozen ready meals, fish and wok vegetables. The assortment also includes mayonnaise, soups and pasta sauce.

Customer: Findus
Address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 8, Malmö
Area: 1800 m²
Time: 2017
Type of business: Food company
Project Manager: RUMRUM
Furniture serie: Snitsa and Every
Workstations: 118 pcs.
Photographer: Alexander Olivera