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At Fastighetsbyrån, everyone works in an open office environment with electrically height adjustable tables. The table tops are made with black linoleum combined with storage units in white laminate with chromed plinths. Dark grey, double sided front screens. The screens, the linoleum table tops and the carpeting combined sets a good acoustic standard and lower the sound levels. Orange is the chosen color accent for the public areas.

Fastighetsbyrån is the leading property broker in Sweden with about 250 offices and around 1500 members of their staff all over this country and in parts of Spain. Together they convey about one fifth of all property sales in Sweden.

Customer: Fastighetsbyrån
Address: Klarabergsviadukten 80, Stockholm
Area: 100 m²
Type of business: Real estate agency
Architect: Johanna Egnell, Egnell / Allard, Stockholm.
Furniture serie :Snitsa
Photographer :Kristian Pohl