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In November 2014 Carlsberg decided to invest in a new brewery and beer center in Trondheim. This is one of the largest investments in the history of Ringnes and gives the city a new attraction. Ringnes established a new brewery and a new beer center, micro brewery, pub, restaurant, visitor center and conference facilities at the E.C. Dahl’s Brewery, Strandveien 71. Moreover gives the opportunity for extensive knowledge transfer between professional breweries, home brewers, beer interested and research when the beer center was opened in 2016. In April 2015 Brooklyn Brewery went as partner in the E.C. Dahls brewery.

E.C. Dahls brewery was founded by Erich Christian Dahl in Trondheim year 1856. The following year, the brewery launched its first beer – a Bayer brewed by Brewery Master Kristopher Olsen. E.C. Dahls brewery soon became the largest brewery in the region. In 1966 the brewery was merged with Aktiebryggeriet on Lademoen, where they still are located. A number of beers as: Export, Bock, Bjør and Bayerøl has been brewed over the years, and Norway’s largest beer success Lysholmer was born in 1983. The well-known Dahl Pilsen is still brewed.
From the autumn of 2016 innovative brews are once again served. Brewery Master Wolfgang Lindell has been joined as partners by Brooklyn Brewery to create a new range of beer that combines the best of brewing traditions with Brooklyn’s innovation. The first three have been named Lamo Wit, Pepra Saison and Bolt IPA.

Customer: E.C. Dahls Brewery
Address: Strandveien 71, Trondheim
Time: 2016
Type of business: Brewery, pub & restaurant
Project Manager: Ronny Wulff, Ringnes AS
Furniture series: A-series
Photographer: Ronny Wulff