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SA Möbler places demands on subcontractors who deliver constituent materials / components in terms of environment, quality and social responsibility. Our “code of conduct” is our way of ensuring that we conduct our business in an ethically correct and responsible manner.

We therefore expect our suppliers to apply our requirements for responsible and sustainable cooperation. The requirements we set must be the starting point for our purchases in procurements with both new and existing suppliers.

Our “Code of Conducts” are:

The UN Convention on Human Rights must be complied with

ILO conventions on working conditions and rights in working life are complied with

Child labor must not occur in any form

Bribery and corruption are strictly forbidden

All employment with the supplier must be voluntary

All employees must work a certain number of hours per week in accordance with national legislation

All people are judged equally regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion, nationality, sexual orientation and physical or mental disability.

Full freedom of association shall prevail

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to punish, violate, allow forced labor, or in any way harass the staff

The salary is given, according to the applicable national or local salary levels, however, the salary must be reasonable to provide a decent living.

Applicable legislation and standards must be respected and complied with

The supplier must comply with labor and employment laws

The supplier’s facilities must comply with statutory and agreed safety rules

The supplier must have a contingency plan

The supplier must meet the requirements set via furniture facts, and certify this in writing

The supplier must meet work environment requirements according to SA8000 as minimum requirements

The supplier must be able to meet environmental requirements in accordance with ISO14001 or similar

Compliance with these rules of conduct is subject to revision.