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The mission was to create an office that is functional, flexible and modern, where people are in focus so that it is easy to meet and work. There were wishes for different types of meeting places for both sitting and standing meetings. The result is an open and airy office with a Scandinavian and modern design based on natural materials, light wood and warm colors.

BTKon conducts consultancy in the field of building construction design. They are active in the Swedish construction industry. The industry is currently undergoing a generational shift where clients place new demands on delivered results. The technical development within BIM and design technology places great demands on projectors.

Customer: BTKon AB
Address: Hammarby Kajgata 12, Stockholm, Sweden
Time: 2019
Type of business: Building constructions
Project Manager: AB Evert Lindelöf, Stockholm, Sweden
Furniture series: Snitsa, Sansa and A-series
Workstations: 20 pcs.
Photographer: Lasse Olsson