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The mission was to create an office that is functional, flexible and modern, where the human being is in focus so it is easy to meet, work and enjoy.
The result is an open and airy office with a Scandinavian and modern design based on natural material, light wood, warm colors and lots of textiles. A clarity and long-term thinking in everything from material, furniture and to design.

Ambea AB is a Swedish company in private care with approximately 14000 employees. They have operations in the Nordic countries. The business group offers accommodation, support, education and staffing in care and attention. Ambea has over 450 units throughout Sweden and in several places in Norway.

Customer: Ambea Sverige AB
Address: Evenemangsvägen 21, Arenastaden, Stockholm
Time: 2017
Type of business: Provider of care
Architect: Nina B. Koncept & Design AB
Furniture series: Snitsa and Sansa
Workstations: 144 pcs.
Photographer: Stellan Herner