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ABG Sundal Collier has moved to the newly built property Urban Escape in Stockholm. The premises has 2800 square meters of office space at Regeringsgatan. The innovative feel in the area and the forward spirit that is here are a good fit for ABG Sundal Collier. The key words for the furniture were functionality and flexibility. ABG Sundal Collier sought after a modular furniture system that is changeable and renewable over time. The Snitsa series meets all these wishes. Great emphasis has also been placed on cable management and personal storage, which became an adapted local storage.

ABG Sundal Collier is a independent Nordic investment bank, developed over 30 years, founded on a hard-working partnership culture and the ability to attract top talent. Our vision is to be the most agile and respected Nordic investment bank.

Customer: ABG Sundal Collier AB
Address: Regeringsgatan 25, Stockholm, Sweden
Time: 2020
Type of business: Investment trust company
Project Manager: JLL Corporate Solutions
Furniture series: Snitsa, X & Y table
Workstations: 140 pcs.
Photographer: Lasse Olsson Photo